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Different Types Of Foot Surgeries Performed By Surgeons

Feet and ankles are always prone to high risk issues like athlete’s foot, bunions, etc. Some can be treated with minor medication while others require immediate surgery. That is the main reason why people in Nashville, TN do not ignore any feet related problems and consult with doctors as soon as they face any problem.

Surgeons perform different surgeries for different issues. If you are also facing any foot problem, it is important to undergo surgery done by a doctor who specializes in podiatry in Nashville, TN. Search for the best doctor to ensure that you get the best treatment.

Different foot surgeries

Neuroma surgery

Neuromas are generally enlarged bunch of nerve tissues that lie between your third and fourth toe. It results in causing paining sensation, numbness, and tingling at the bottom part of your toe along with feet balls. It can be treated with medication procedure if diagnosed in the early stage. But if it gets established deeply then there is an urgent need for surgery to get rid of the pain. In the surgery, the surgeon focuses on removing the inflamed nerve.

Reconstructive surgery

This surgery is performed when your foot or ankle gets badly damaged in an accident. There could be various other reasons behind such issues like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, etc. Reconstructive surgery has different forms and is performed accordingly. It usually takes more recovery time in comparison to other surgeries, so you need to be patient if you are looking forward to getting one to reshape your foot.

Different Problems You May Face With Your Feet

Feet are the most important part of the human body. Being an important part of the body, it experiences a great amount of wear and tear daily. This wear and tear increases the chances of foot problems in the future such as joint pain, itchy foot, etc. That is the main reason why people in Nashville don’t ignore their feet health and immediately consult their doctors as soon as they face any problem. Some common problems are discussed below.

Common foot problems you may face

Athlete’s foot –  Stinging, itchy, and burning feet, as well as toes, can be a clear sign of an athlete’s foot. It is a contagious disease that appears after you come in contact with the fungus, mainly in wet surroundings like a locker room, swimming pools, and public showers. Sometimes you may also see crumbly toenails, blisters, dry and cracked feet skin. This issue sometimes becomes difficult to treat if not paid attention to on time. So, if you are also facing any kind of problem then find the best foot doctor from Nashville and get it treated as soon as possible.

Bunions – A bump that usually occurs on the sides of your big toe is known as bunions. In this situation, the big toe starts bending towards the other toe that can cause great pain while walking. The main cause of the condition can be ill-fitting or tight shoes or standing too long can trigger it. To avoid such issues, you should always try to wear proper-fitting shoes and avoid standing for too long.